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REPUBLIKDIGITAL.COM (RDC) is here to enliven the online era. RDC is a blog that talks about the digital world. A different world, the magical world or the virtual world which is certainly different from the real world.

The manager of this blog is called RDC. In the online world, RDC is just a tiny country as big as dust that lies in the information universe.

Everything here is mostly sourced from seeing reality/experience plus personal analysis plus personal ideas. Several sources of news and photos come from the internet, ranging from social media, online media, blogs to search engines.

If you work on ideas or information on this blog and cause unwanted side effects, the author is not responsible. What is clear, everything presented here is just a personal blog. Trusted. Probably not.

On the way, if there are objections to the content (news or photos) on REPUBLIKDIGITAL.COM, you can contact us at the address below.

Finally, I hope that what is presented in this blog is delicious, crunchy, delicious, full of nutrition and vitamins. But if not, the fault is not on you.

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